Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

Hitachi KM12VC Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router

You might have an idea about the type of router kit you need but are not sure whether the one you had in mind is best for the jobs you want to do.  There is no worse feeling than the anger and disappointment you’ll go through when you bought the wrong router kit and have to spend more to correct your mistake. If all you want from a router kit is a versatile yet powerful tool for your woodworking projects, then KM12VC Router Kits should certainly be on your shortlist.

The  KM12VC Router Kit relies on a powerful 11-amp motor with 2-1/4 peak horsepower. The motor is so quiet and the electronic speed controls quite precise that the KM12VC Router Kit is really a joy to use. If you love creating incredible wooden pieces, the KM12VC Router Kit does a great job of making precise cuts into any wood you care to use. The best Hitachi KM12VC Router Kits are also easy to operate and maintain.

One of the best features of the Hitachi  KM12VC Router Kit is it’s easy to adjust motor, which you can set from 8,000 RPM to 24,000 depending on the job you want to do. Even if you change the load, the motor will stay at a steady RPM rhythm as you work.  That means you won’t get that pesky vibration and noise while you work, much unlike other routers.

In terms of accessories, you get a half inch collet chuck as well as a quarter-inch collet chuck to make bit changes so easy. A strong protective case is also included to make it safe and easy to move your router kit between job locations.

Did we mention that the  Hitachi KM12VC Router Kit is versatile?

You can use half inch or quarter inch bits with this tool. Users love that this tool is compatible with popular bits that anyone can find in any workshop. Hitachi also had your comfort and safety in mind when they designed the  KM12VC Router Kit.  The handles are easy on your arms and shoulders, and your work will always come out as accurately and precisely as you want.

This router kit is also quite easy to carry around, thanks to its light weight – it’s fixed base is only 7.3 pounds and the plunge base is just under 10 pounds. It’s so easy to switch from fixed to plunge base using this versatile tool.  It takes literally seconds to achieve.  You might be pleased with the accurate depth control you can get with the fine-depth adjustments you make with the Hitachi KM12VC Router Kit plunge base depth adjustment knob. Hitachi is so confident of this router kit that it has backed it with a five-year warranty.

The  KM12VC Router Kit comes from a trusted name in routers and no doubt, you’ll be happy with choosing this kit for your next project or two. You can either find this kit at your favorite supplier or shop online for the best deals. So, whether you are looking for a replacement router, or this is your first router to get started in your workshop, consider the Hitachi KM12VC Router Kit. You won’t be disappointed.

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